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Chung Hwa High School, Muar is a not-for-profit community high school providing holistic education in Mandarin, the Chinese mother tongue, except for English and Malay language classes. As one of the 60 Chinese independent high schools in Malaysia, it is owned and partially funded by the Chinese community. The school has about 2000 students and 120 staff members. In July 2012, we celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the school's founding. We welcome teachers who are passionate about education and believe they can make a difference to the education of the children they serve.

Jalan Junid, Taman Sri Tanjung, 84000 Muar, Johor
Estimated Annual CO2 Reduction
164 tonnes
Solar PV System
180 kWp
Est. Annual Solar-generated Electricity
234 MWh
Estimated saving
Approx. RM200,000
Completion time
3 months

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