Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd (ICP)
Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd (ICP)

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ICP has 9 factories with 12 production lines which could have cost them a lot to operate and maintain. Looking for solutions to reduce its reliance on expensive electricity bill, technical and economic assessment of solar PV system was being discussed and studied. Obviously, the immediate advantage is the reduction of utility electricity bill. The solar PV system generates electricity with little maintenance, thereby hedging against electricity inflation over the long term.

ICP had operated since 1977 in the field of industrial production before it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of IJM in 2008. Today, ICP is the largest concrete manufacturer in South East Asia.

Jalan Perindustrian Valdor, 14110 Seberang Prai, Penang, Malaysia
Estimated Annual CO2 Reduction
Solar PV System
700 kW
Est. Annual Solar-generated Electricity
860 MWh
Estimated annual saving*
RM 289,000.00
Completion time
6 months

Solar PV System

In 2016, one of the ICP Factories located at Jawi, Penang decided to install a 700kWp solar PV system on their roof area of approximately 4,200 m^2. The installation is expected to provide about 860 MWh of solar-generated electricity annually and reduce its electricity bill by approximately RM 289,000.00 per annum.

The solar system not only will help ICP Jawi reduce its utility power costs but also will offset at least 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. In future, they can consider to add solar panels to the existing system as their production capacity increases.


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